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Paper-Under-Glass Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail puts election integrity at risk.

Accuracy Depends on Being Able to Detect and Correct Errors.

Thermal paper roll "voter verifiable paper audit trails (vvpat)" are not practically countable by a state's own election officials! In Nevada the Nov. 04 election resulted in large discrepancies between the exit polls and the presidential election results. The Green party tried to obtain a recount of the DRE paper roll audit trail only to find out that outside experts recommended by the voting machine vendor had to be hired at huge expense to count them. No recount was performed.

Later, the NV Secretary of State claimed that all counties audited the paper rolls, but this story was found to be false by investigators who phoned several counties and found out that some counties had merely tested the print programs by re-printing the electronic counts and had sealed and never opened or examined the paper rolls.

In sum, while paper-under-glass VVPAT might introduce new fun for election hackers and poll workers wanting to know how we voted, it is doubtful that they would increase election integrity. Computer scientists in each state are better qualified to set requirements for voter verified paper ballots to ensure honest accurate elections, than are commercial vendors.

Here is a much better easily re-countable ballot that can be printed, verified, and then placed in a ballot box by the voter. Try out the online demo and print the ballot it generates to see for yourself. Better voting systems designed by computer scientists can be developed in time to meet HAVA 2006 deadlines.

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