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Utah considered bid proposals for voting machines from Diebold and ES&S.

News Regarding the Voting System that Utah Uses

Evaluating the Security of Electronic Voting Systems - Are your votes really counted? (Shows how all touchscreen voting machines can be hacked in four ways that no post-election manual audit could detect.)

Premier Election Solutions (Diebold) Admits Machines ‘Lose’ Votes in 34 States

States Rush to Dump Touchscreen Voting Systems, Ars Technica, 20 August 2008 ...many of those states - including Alaska, California, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Tennessee, and New Mexico - are ditching touchscreen kiosks with price tags as high as $5,000 each in favor of paper ballots.

Diebold/Premier Actually Admits Its Machines Are Faulty! And That It Lied About Antivirus Software...from the wonders-never-cease dept

E-voting vendor: Programming errors caused dropped votes

Vote-Dropping Software Bug Could Gum Up Elections

Company admits voting machine error

Machines may have vote-dropping glitch

California Secretary of State Decertified the Diebold/Premier Touchscreen Voting Machines

Press Release - Secretary of State Files Counterclaim In Lawsuit With Premier Election Solutions, Documents Equipment Malfunctions In Premier Voting Machine Counties

Four election boards part of Ohio lawsuit against voting machine maker

Ohio Secretary of State Brunner seeks damages for voting machine malfunctions

News Articles & Press Releases on Utah's Voting Equipment Selection

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Utah retaining electronic voting machines

Public Forum Containing Diebold News Stories and Prior to Recent Diebold in the News

December 29, 2005 City Weekly - Counting on Diebolds.

Aug 28, 2005 Virginia has troubles with Diebold e-voting machines.

Aug 22, 2005 Diebold’s Election Division Jolted by Reliability and Security Concerns

Aug 20, 2005 Oakland, CA Tribune article on Diebold marketing tactics "In three years in California, Diebold voting devices have awarded thousands of votes to the wrong candidates and broken down in two large counties during a presidential primary. Two successive state election chiefs, a Democrat and a Republican, both have rejected the TSx.

Aug 19, 2005 New Snag for Voting Machines - SL Tribune

Aug 19, 2005 Diebold Lobbyists Register with Salt Lake County - SL Tribune

Aug 19, 2005 From MS: It's foolish to use Diebold machines

Aug 17, 2005 Did Diebold lobbyist try to tempt elections board chair with $$?

Aug 17, 2005 E-voting receipts may be useless

Aug 14, 2005 Diebold Caught Trying to Bribe Ohio Election Offials

Aug 14, 2005 More Diebold Bribery Articles from Ohio

Aug 14, 2005 Conflict of Interest - Diebold and Salt Lake County Lobbyist - challenged on voting machines

Aug 10, 2005 AZ- Diebold Op Scan Machines - "Mother of all Security Holes"

Aug 10, 2005 Vermont Selects Telephone Voting for Blind to Meet HAVA Requirements

Aug 10, 2005 Cateret County, NC to Use Paper Ballots, After Trying DRE Voting Machines

Aug 10, 2005 More Diebold Failures in CA

Aug 7, 2005 Reconsider voting machines - Deseret Morning News editorial

Aug 4, 2005 Diebold's Failure in California

Aug 2, 2005 Diebold worse than reported

Aug 2, 2005 State unfazed by criticism of voting machines

Aug 2, 2005 Electronic Voting Machines: California experience should prompt concern for Utah elections - Tribune Editorial

Aug 2, 2005 CA SOS McPherson Toughens Up On Voting Machine Makers All systems certified by the CA Secretary of State’s Office shall comply with the standards and requirements of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 that are required to receive HAVA funding. Now if only Utah's Lt. Governor would do the same for Utahns!

Aug 1, 2005 California Says No, but Utah's a Go

Aug 1, 2005- Deseret News - Utah Sticks By Voting Machines

Jul 30, 2005 Salt Lake Tribune Article - Are New Voting Devices Flawed?

Jul 29, 2005 California Rejects Diebold - Oakland Tribune

Jul 25, 2005 KSL News on Utah County

8:00 a.m. Wed April 20th Gov Ops Hearing and the invitation to voting machine vendors ES&S and Diebold to attend the April 20th hearing.

Utah's MOCK ELECTION was March 30,2005 ES&S AutoMark Op-Scan system for voters, and Diebold DRE paper-rolls-under-plastic voting systems were displayed. It had been announced that voters would be asked to fill out surveys giving their opinions on the equipment, but after a certain number of required surveys were filled out, many voters reported being told that there were no more surveys, so many voters were not able to give their input.

January 14, 2005 Lt. Governor Herbert met with Utah Count Votes. We presented an "Electronic Voting Best Practices" document to Lt. Governor Herbert. Unfortunately, the RFP process for voting equipment was not restarted as we'd hoped. The voting machines of ES&S and Diebold are being considered.

October 20 - Press Announcement - Computer Scientists Make Forth Attempt to Influence Utah's Voting Equipment Selection.

At the October 20th Utah Legislature's Joint Government Operations Committee Hearing, Computer Scientists submitted a Collaborative Letter warning Utah not to select DRE voting equipment. Utah's Election Director, Amy Naccarato, described the DRE voting equipment with paper-under-glass voter verified paper audit trail that Utah is considering.

BYU Associate Professor of Computer Science, Phillip Windley's Testimony on Voting Equipment Selection

October 2 - Utah Count Votes takes issue with League of Women Voters' position on electronic voting. and EMedia Wire announcement

Friday, Oct. 1 - Utah Count Votes distributed information and spoke at the KRCL Freedom of Expression Festival at Library Square with other non-profit organizations and political candidates.

September 27, 2004 - Deseret News

September 23, 2004 - Utah Computer Scientists and Voting Experts Give Advice to Utah re. Voting Equipment Selection US News wire release, and the September 25, 2004 PRWeb News Release.

September 23, 2004 - Press Release: Utah's Computer Scientists and Voting Experts urge Utah to do the right thing. Here are pictures of the Press Conference.

September 19, 2004 - Utah Rushes into Electronic Voting Danger Salt Lake Tribune Op-ed

September 14, 2004 - Deseret News on E-voting attitudes.

September 12, 2004 - KSL TV scrutinizes electronic voting

September 11, 2004 - Interview

August 30, 2004 - CNN/Money article

Aug 26 2004 - City Weekly article or here

August 20, 2004 - Associate Professor Phillip Windley, BYU

August 18 2004 - Utah Legislatures' Joint Governmental Operations Cmte Meeting

At the Aug. 18th Public Hearing of the Government Operations Interim Committee of the Utah Legislature Director of Utah Elections Office Amy Naccarato's written testimony stated that Utah's voting machines will be required to "report election night and canvass results to the state web site". (note: Utah's computer science community formally recommended that the Utah Election Office drop the Internet reporting requirement from Utah's RFP due to security risks on July 19th.) Amy also spoke about the difficulties of fussing with printers during elections, and about the current US Dept. of Justice investigation into Utah's inconsistent and sometimes incorrect handling of provisional ballots. Utah's Legislative Govt Operations Committee will have another hearing on the voting equipment issue in September or October.

At the August 12th "public hearing" and the August 18th hearing, Kathy Dopp, Utah Count Votes founder, presented Eight Reasons to Set Aside Utah's RFP and presented a "concept for proposal" for an open source voter verfied paper ballot system Utah Voting and Elections Systems (UVES).

August 13, 2004 - Salt Lake Tribune

At the August 12th Public Hearing, Utah's computer professionals made insightful statements in support of open source programs and voter verified paper ballots. Here are statements by Doug Beattie, Robin Beasley, Eileen McCabe-Olsen, Annette Rose, Michael Burkhart, and Keith Pettit.

July 26, 2004 - Utah Politics on E-Voting

July 14, 2004 - Common Dreams - Computer Ate My Vote Day

July 13, 2004 - KSL TV Computer Ate my Vote day report

July 13, 2004 - Alan Dechert's Statement

July 13, 2004 - Utah Daily Herald article

July 7, 2004 - Letter of Advice was given to Utah Election Office by computer scientists and Kathy Dopp, Founder of Utah Count Votes

Jul 01 2004 - Jul 13 Computer Ate My Vote Day Plans

Jul 9 - Deseret News article

March 12, 2004 - Political State Report

March 12, 2004 - Deseret News article

February 26, 2004 - Utah Lt. Governor Announces Utah Voting Equipment Selection Committee

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