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more information Contact Senator Bennett and Hatch and your Representative and ask them to support S559 in the Senate and HR811 in the House. and

Utah considered bid proposals for voting machines from Diebold and ES&S. Utah's Lt. Governor selected Diebold E-Voting Machines which were widely reported since early 2003 to be susceptible to election tampering, do Not meet HAVA Requirements for all disabled voters as well as other choices. All Utah computer professionals who testified recommended against purchasing DRE voting machines. Diebold did Not provide a Demonstrated Method for Independent Recounts. (no paper roll advancer or open source bar code reader was demonstrated) Diebold had five paid lobbyists in Utah and used the same lobbying firm as Salt Lake County. Both vendors' DRE voting machines use paper-rolls-under-glass voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT). However, ES&S, to its credit, demonstrated a more secure DRE and an open source system for independently auditing it and an Op Scan paper ballot system that is considerably less expensive to operate, better for the disabled, and easy to hand count to check machine accuracy.

Contact Info for Utah's Elected Officials

A DVD demonstrating how to change the election results in under 2 minutes on Diebold's central tabulator is available from

You may mail this easy pre-addressed letter to your county election official to say "I want a hand-countable voter-verified (auditable) paper ballot. I do not want my ballot to be electronic".

Write letters to the Editor. Contact radio stations. Ask Utah's press to cover voting machine issues:
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