Utah State Capitol Complex
East Office Building, Suite E220
PO Box 142220
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2220

March 29, 2006

Dear Governor Jon Huntsman:

I am writing to apprise your office of a breech of the public trust within the Utah Lt. Governor's Office. Election Director Michael Cragun and the Lt. Governor have been colluding with Diebold to commit fraud and to cover up fraud committed against the state of Utah.

Utah paid Diebold for new voting machines but the evidence clearly shows that Diebold delivered a combination of new and used voting machines, some of which had been rejected after use in other states; and others which were rejected in other states' acceptance testing.

Utah Election Director Michael Cragun appears to be colluding with Diebold against Utah's interests in several ways:

  1. Diebold has been given access to Utah's voting machines in several counties and other locations where the voting machines are stored to possibly cover up the evidence of the fraud that Diebold has committed against the state of Utah and its citizens.

  2. It appears that Michael Cragun approves of the fraudulent charge to Emery County of $40,000 by Diebold to “repair” the voting machines after a world prominent computer security firm whose clients include like Microsoft and the National Security Administration (NSA) examined two of Emery County's voting machines upon the diligent request of Emery County Clerk Bruce Funk. We think that this punitive charge that is possibly meant to discourage expert examination of any voting machines in the future.

  3. 1.Michael Cragun arranged a special commission meeting with an executive session, barring the public, on March 27, 2006. Present at that meeting were Emery County Commissioners, Emery County Attorney, Emery County Sheriff, Lt. Governor Chief of Staff Joe Demma, legal counsel from the Utah State Attorney General's Office, Diebold representative Dana LaTour, Diebold technician, Andrew Kahl, Emery County Commissioners, Utah Chief Election Official Michael Cragun. Arriving at the Huntington airport at the same time were Cragun, Demma, the two Diebold representatives, and the AG counsel. Did they use your private jet? Barred from the meeting, unbelievably, was Emery County's Elected Election Official, Bruce Funk!

  4. It appears that Michael Cragun had no problem with the changing of the locks on the Emery County storage room for its voting machines and the refusal to give a key to Emery County's Elected Election Official Bruce Funk.

The preliminary findings by Security Innovation, the world-renowned security firm that examined Utah's “new” Diebold voting machines included:

As the elected official responsible for the proper conduct of the election, having seen these issues with his own eyes before calling in experts, it would have been irresponsible for Bruce Funk not to check into those problems.

Utah's Lt. Governor's office seem uninterested in waiting until the world-renowned security firm releases its full report before:

Republican Governor of Maryland Robert Ehrlich, with the unanimous vote of the Maryland State Legislature, has banned the use of Diebold DRE voting machines state-wide. Although Maryland's Diebolds have no paper rolls, the paper rolls of Utah's Diebolds are designed to jam during elections and, even if they did work, are virtually useless for independent audits or checks of accuracy, giving insiders complete freedom to tamper or make undetected innocent errors.

My communications with the Utah Election Office have not been answered, despite my being a dedicated expert on this issue. Thus, I have been forced by my conscience to devote myself as a full-time activist for almost two years. The irresponsibility of the Lt. Governor's Election Office, which rejected the written advice given it by Utah's PhD computer scientists from both Brigham Young University and University of Utah, has been outlandish.

Irrefutable photographic evidence of the flaws of Diebold voting machines are available on http://utahcountvotes.org I urge you to contact the professionals at Security Innovation through Black Box Voting at 425-793-1030. I am posting this letter publicly on the UtahCountVotes web site and releasing it to the press because we are a public interest group. I would be happy to publicly post your response to me as well.

Best Regards,

Kathy Dopp,

Founder of Utah Count Votes & President of the National Election Data Archive

P.O.Box 680192, Park City, UT 84068 435-658-4657

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