Response by Kathy Dopp to Joe Demma fabricated stories (below).

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Subject: one significant point
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 18:51:43 -0600
From: Joseph Demma

1st note is to Ms. Dopp;

2nd note is to Utah's press corps.


Kathy, I appreciate that because the company you work for/with is interested in gaining business from the State by your company's attempt to use "open source" activity ...that it puts you in a position of not being objective to the process. Everyone in Utah knows that our office has ALWAYS been open; holding public meetings; inviting your group in to meet with the Lt. Governor; and we have accepted public comment from hundreds of Utah's residents.

Your claims that "Gary Herbert won't meet with us" is unfounded and ridiculous - it seems as though you will say anything and everything to get press for a business you will personally benefit from.

I must also state that I am interested in your public attacks on Utah's Lieutenant Governor and our office regarding "mulititudes of inaccuracies" that you speak of in public.

You declare in one of your many vitriolic emails to our office that, "The Lieutenant Governor lies" - - - and then you state that the "real" implementation date of HAVA is "June 22, 2006 and NOT January 1,2006" -

Members of the Press,

We hesitate to engage in a debate with people who continue, after 3 years of intimidation tactics that are designed to inflame the public against the very people they voted for.....however in this case, I want people to know the reality.

It must be noted that a main cause for Ms. Dopp's concern is that the President of Diebold is a Republican, who, in her opinion, defeated V.P. Al Gore because he happened to be a Democrat and "Diebold made that happen."

The 'conspiracy' never dies. This assumption by Ms. Dopp is preposterous on so many levels that I can't even begin to defend without wasting taxpayer dollars. The fact that Ms. Dopp ran an "Anti Bush" website filled with hatred towards the president and republicans in general is not even of issue, but the motivations behind her recent activities are. Clearly, she is attempting to destroy the credibility of Utah's Lieutenant Governor, who just happens to be a Republican.

Kathy Dopp further accuses the Lieutenant Governor's office of "lying" to the press on many occasions. Because I don't feel it necessary that the LG address this nonsense, I do, however, feel it relevant for our staff to address the matter that her FIRST and FOREMOST accusation against our office is that Michael Cragun, our Elections Director "lied" to the public and the press by saying that the State of Utah comply with HAVA on January 1, 2006. Instead, Ms. Dopp claims, that the compliance date of "June 22, 2006" is the "real" date of compliance.

Please read the following excerpt from Congress and give me your interpretation:

[Section 301(d) (d) Effective Date.--Each State and jurisdiction shall be required to comply with the requirements of this section on and after January 1, 2006.]

Based on the law, it would appear that Ms. Dopp is the one who is confused, not the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Utah.

I am personally tired of Kathy Dopp manipulating press outlets by claiming to be "objective" - when she clearly is not.

I am also personally tired of Ms. Dopp attacking my boss, Gary Herbert and our Elections Director, Michael Cragun, simply because the State of Utah did not engage in her business relationship....a business that 39 Secretaries of State (2005 NASS meeting) voted as being, and I quote: "Run by Whackos."

If anyone wants to learn the truth about the elections process in Utah, please call our office at (801)538.1041 - or call me personally on my cell phone at 801.672.2496......better yet, please call the Chief Elections Officer for the State of Utah...Lt. Governor Gary R. Herbert at (801)538.1621.

The Lt. Governor is proud of the work of the Voting Equipment Selection Committee and supports their counsel.

In turn, I support the integrity and decision-making ability of our state's 2nd in command - and if anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions - the Lieutenant Governor's office welcomes them.


Joseph M. Demma
Chief of Staff
Utah's Lieutenant Governor
p: 801.538.1621
f: 801.538.1533

Response by Kathy Dopp