Questions to Ask About Chief of Staff Joe Demma's August 5, 2005 Press Release About Kathy Dopp:

Joe Demma dismissed Kathy Dopp's statements and her opinions about voting systems that she shares with Utah's computer professionals and many U.S. election officials by saying that "she is preposterous on so many levels that I can't even begin." Why does he call her names rather than discuss the facts?

Joe Demma claimed that Kathy Dopp is "interested in gaining business from the State by your company's attempt to use 'open source' activity." What is the name of the "open source" company that Joe Demma says Kathy Dopp works for? Where is the written evidence that Kathy Dopp tried to "engage in a business relationship with the state"? Why has Kathy been doing full-time volunteer work on elections for over a year if she has a paying job?

Joe Demma said, "Kathy Dopp has a business that 39 Secretaries of State (2005 NASS meeting) voted as being, and I quote: 'Run by Whackos'." Yet Kathy Dopp was blissfully unaware of any agenda item on her imaginary "open source" business that Joe Demma claims NASS voted on. Where is this fascinating story reported?

Joe Demma claims that Kathy Dopp dislikes Diebold because it is owned by Republicans, yet Kathy Dopp has pushed for adoption of Republican-owned ES&S voting systems. Huh? Shouldn't Joseph Demma care about which voting machine vendor produces the most secure, HAVA compliant, reasonably priced, trustworthy machines? Or is Joseph Demma drawn by Diebold's partisan reputation because Diebold's Chairman of the Board publicly announced he "is committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president" in the November 2004 election?

Joseph Demma claims that new voting machines must be in place by January, 2006. Does Joe Demma understand the HAVA law? Can he read it competently or pick up a phone? Kathy Dopp only asks because:

  1. There is no federal authority under HAVA over state or county elections which are the only kind that occur in Utah between January and June 2006. The Voting Rights Act has not been amended to require HAVA law compliance.
  2. His HAVA quote is taken out of context. The leading text for section 301 that he quoted specifically states that the requirements refer to systems used in federal elections "on and after January 1."
  3. If he had read section 101, it also gives a first federal election due date, mandating the replacement of voting systems "in time for the first election for federal office held after January 1, 2006.
  4. The next federal election in Utah is in June 2006
  5. If the HAVA law was too long to read or confusing, he could have called the Justice dept., the EAC, or other states' election officials to have them explain the HAVA requirements to him.

If Demma is right, however, then Utah is up a creek without a paddle all that much sooner. Where are the 2002 error and other HAVA 301 certification documents for Diebold? Will we get our money back if Diebold does not meet HAVA law requirements? If you buy the machines without these safeguards and you lose Utah money, can you be charged in court with willfully and criminally failing to protect the people of Utah? Show us the paper!

HAVA funds for voting equipment must be spent by January 1, 2006 but new HAVA compliant voting systems do not have to used in Utah until June 22, 2006.

Kathy Dopp does not recall saying any of the things that Joe Demma quotes her as saying. Do you think Joe could produce the original material where, for instance, Kathy allegedly said that the President of Diebold defeated V.P. Gore and "Diebold made that happen"?

Joe Demma says, "after 3 years of intimidation tactics that are designed to inflame the public against the very people they voted for..." Is Joe Demma describing Kathy? Does Joe Demma realize that Kathy moved back to Utah in June 2004 and has only been working on Utah election issues since then? Can Joe Demma subtract? Is Kathy really that intimating? Cool.

Joe Demma says that Kathy Dopp manipulates the press. Kathy Dopp wishes that were true! ;-)

Kathy Dopp commends Joe Demma's imagination. He seems to be an excellent, entertaining fiction writer.

See for more information and a link to the HAVA law.