Here is the list of Utah counties that, in the next week or so, will be having county council/commission meetings to discuss whether to reject, or accept and sign, Lt. Governor Herbertís HAVA Voting System Agreement.


Joycelynn Straight



Unless stated otherwise, all meetings are at the address shown under the Countyís name.

††††††††††††† County


Meeting Date and Time


Beaver County

105 E. Center St., Beaver, UT

Commission Office: (435) 438-6466

Clerks Office:†††††††††† (435) 438-6463

Aug. 29, 20051 p.m.

County Commission intends to approve the contract at this meeting.

Emery County

95 East Main St.,Castle Dale, UT

Commission Office:

Clerks Office: (435) 381-5106

Aug. 29, 2005†† 10:30

Special Commission meeting to discuss contract with Lt. Governor--no action will be taken.

Grand County

County Courthouse

Council Chambers

125 E. Center St., Moab, UT

Council Office: (435) 259-1346

Clerks Office:†† (435) 259-1322


Sep. 6, 2005†† 3 p.m.

County Council intends to approve the contract at this meeting.

Salt Lake County

County Govt., North Bldg.

2001 S State St., Salt Lake City, UT

Council Office: (801) 468-2930

Council Clerks Office:(801) 468-3532

Election Clerks Office: (801) 468-3427



Aug. 30, 2005†† 9:30 a.m.

Room N2003--County Council will discuss the contract at this meeting.No public comments.

Sep 6, 2005†† 3 p.m.

Council Chambers, 1st Floor--County Council will vote on the contract at this meeting. Public comments allowed - threeminutes per person.

Summit County

County Courthouse, Rm #219

60 N. Main St., Coalville, UT

Commission Office: (435) 336-3220

Clerks Office: (435) 615-3200

Aug. 31, 200511 a.m.

Demonstration of Diebold equipment.

Aug. 31, 20051 a.m.

Public comments allowed.

Sep. 7, 2005†††††† ?

County Commission will vote on the contract at this meeting.


Utah County

County Admin. Bldg., Rm. 1400

100 E. Center St., Provo, UT

Commission Clerk:(801) 851-8111

Elections Office:††††† (801) 851-8128

Clerks Office:††††††††† (801) 851-8109


Sep. 9, 2005 9 a.m.

County Commission will vote on the contract at this meeting.

Weber County

2380 Washington Blvd.,Ogden, UT

Commission Office: (801) 399-8402

Clerks Office:†††††††††(801) 399-8484

Sep. 6, 200510 a.m.

County Commission will vote on the contract at this meeting



I am Kathy Dopp, founder of Utah Count Votes, member of Open Voting Consortium, president of National Election Data Archive, MS in math U of Utah, started the third oldest Internet Service business in Utah in 1994 which I sold.


You have about five options:


1.      Diebold DREs

2.      Punch-cards w/ Diebold DREs

3.      Punch-cards w/ Telephone voting for disabled

4.      Diebold Opti-scans w/ Diebold DREs

5.      Diebold Opti-Scans w/ telephone voting

6.      ES&S opti-scans w/ AutoMARK for disabled


Diebold DREs are inaccurate. No way to detect or correct errors. Even if voters take the extra step to compare what is on the monitor w/ the paper roll, which most won't, they have no way to know what the electronic record in the machine or the bar code on the paper rolls say. If there is an innocent error programming the ballot definition that switches the votes of two candidates like there was in the mock election, then the same error would be on the bar code, and counting the paper rolls is highly impractical. I submit that the entire design of paper-rolls is flawed and designed specifically to make it difficult to detect or correct insider tampering and preserve ballot order to see how voters vote.


Diebold Opti-scans voting machines have security holes a mile wide in them, but at least they can be easily hand counted and independently audited for accuracy.But it would mean segregating the ballots of the disabled on Diebold DREs, which is very unfair to the disabled.


I highly recommend the ES&S opti-scan with AutoMARK because the system is much more secure and treats the disabled fairly.


Whatever you chose, it is critical that vote counts be audited and that detailed election data be released that would enable independent analysts to evaluate the accuracy of Salt Lake county's elections.


Here is my handout.Thank you. Please remember that lives all over the world depend on maintaining American democracy.