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Irrefutable Photographic Evidence of Diebold Touchscreen TSx Voting Machine Flaws

March 18, 2006 - Images are of "new" Diebold TSx machines delivered to Emery County, Utah. Some of the machines had little yellow sticky dots on them which Diebold uses to mark machines rejected during acceptance testing in other states.

Any system which does not include a method for detecting and correcting electronic errors is, by design, inaccurate. The payoff for election rigging is control of budgets worth millions just at the county level, yet the Utah Lt. Governor devised new election procedures which are totally dependent on the software of Diebold TSx voting system.

Click on an image for a high-resolution image. These images may be freely used by news reporters.

Here is a pair of trimmed photos of the main TSx screen showing the available memory of two machines each at the extreme end of what was seen. The above machine has insufficient memory (4 MB)to back up the vote file even with no election data loaded.
Here is what the VVPAT actually looks like with the fresnel lens in place. We have been calling the fresnel lens the "cracker jack box magnifying glass" because it seems harder to see the print with it, than without it.
Here is a section of VVPAT paper with the fresnel lens and the opaque cover flipped out of the way.
Bruce Funk and Hari Hursti looking at a Diebold TSx machine.
Note that this has the same version number and has more memory. More machines were found at the higher end of the spectrum than the lower. This difference in memory amounts is what first alerted Bruce Funk to trouble.
Piece falls out of Diebold voting machine, leaving possibly fatal electrocution hazard for voters and poll workers.
Top view of piece which falls out of all Diebold touchscreen voting machines.

Bruce Funk demonstrating how easily the piece falls out when plug is pulled out - leaving an electrocution hazard.

Analysis of nonstandard printer design which is missing basic components like paper guides which would prevent paper jams.
Diebold touchscreen with a printer that is designed to jam because it has insufficient paper guides. Diebold recommends counting the voter-verifiable paper rolls using their proprietary (secret) bar codes and proprietary programs written by Diebold.
Printer with Door Up. Notice if the door is down, the voter may not be aware that the printer is even there. Paper rolls have been found to be entirely blank after elections.

Paper Jam in Progress. Note lack of paper guides in non-standard printer design. This printer is designed to result in paper jams.

These images are all compliments of who was invited by Emery County Clerk Bruce Funk to examine the Diebold machines.

Bruce Funk, who was elected by the voters of Emery County Utah to conduct their elections for the past 23 years, has now unbelievably been fired, barred from his own office and has been barred from the room where the Diebold Voting Machines are stored! (the locks on both were changed) Funk carefully examined his contract with Diebold prior to conducting the examination, Salt Lake Tribune says that, Utah Lt. Governor "Herbert says that Funk violated the contract between Utah and Diebold by conducting tests on the machines without Diebold or state election representatives there to verify it."

Diebold claimed that "...the divergent memory capability found in the different machines was the result of different font versions." (The 22 MB difference in memory could only be explained by a Chinese or Asian font that was not requested or needed in Utah, but was ordered for machines that were used and then dumped by California, but there are other reasons for the memory shortages in some machines - all pointing to used, not new machines.) Unbelievably, Diebold IS being allowed access to the voting machine storage facilities to cover up the evidence of its fraudulent sale of used, rejected, flawed, falling apart voting machines to Utah, with the apparent collusion of the Utah Lt. Governor whose office has been grossly misinforming Utah press on the facts.

Thanks to Bruce Funk and his diligent effort to protect election integrity, this is the first time that independent computer experts and computer security experts have been invited to evaluate voting equipment in Utah. Diebold formerly defrauded Utah decision-makers by claiming to have "about 20" office locations in Utah, when in truth it has only two.(and only ONE Utah office that has anything to do with its voting equipment) This hoax appears to be replicated in over 20 states where Diebold has listed phony office locations in the White Pages. which are really Walmart or Sams Club locations having nothing to do with Diebold.

Many counties and states are planning to scrap or have already scrapped their Diebold voting machines in Maryland, Florida, California and Ohio. Diebold machines were recently impounded in New Hampshire, and many lawsuits have been brough to prevent the use of Diebold voting machines. Sequoia touchscreen voting machines have also been involved in many highly improbable election results, including Chicago, Illinois; ES&S voting machine memory cards have been recalled in Ohio and North Carolina; and Hart Intercivic touchscreen machines are involved in impossible election results in Texas and other locales.

Utah election officials rejected the advice of BYU and U of Utah mainstream computer scientists. It would be wise to cut Utah losses and follow the advice of both Governor Bill Richardson D-New Mexico and Governor Robert Ehrlich R-Maryland

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